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ATLAS SHRUGGED Is A Blueprint for Ending Capitalism

Blueprint For Ending Capitalism
To turn Rand on her head and use Atlas to bring the Machine of Capitalism down. In Atlas there are hundreds and hundreds of subversive ways. Of course in a first reading identifying with Dagny I experienced - long ago - all these blocks, speedbumps, interferences and distractions making it impossible for her to run her railroad Taggert Transcontinental without government regulations of seeming stupidity.

A present reading inverted is a treasure house of strategies for bringing it down and full of resonances for creative variants. 

Deleuze was dismayed that this book was being studied by an Israeli General. His theory to expose being turned on its head to do that which it was intended to prevent. Theory can be turned upside down to be used against itself. Deleuze changed his style of writing after this to cut it off at the pass.

Capitalism in Atlas Shrugged is mostly territorialized. That is, Reardon has workers at his steel mills that live around where his steel mills are. At this phase in capitalism the OWNER had an interest in the workers and their families as did the aristocrats in Europe. It was the capitalist to see that they would be healthy enough to labor and be somewhat secure in their domestic life so as to continue to provide labor for him. Often churches were funded, etc. Today we move in a world in which DETERRITORIALIZED CORPORATE CAPITALISM is the metastasized variant, the expansion of corporate capitalism. There is no longer any PRODUCT as there is in Atlas. Capital moves around the globe, circulating like the rising and setting of the sun to paraphrase Jean Baudrillard.

There is no product. Money makes money and money has become "floating sign," code in a digital world.Neither Marx nor Rand saw this coming at the world. 

Money is talking to money - Vija Kinski #Delillo #Cosmopolis

Rand is spot on in describing NEO-LIBERALISM. That fake compassion of the poor while they line their off shore foundations with MONEY! The MASK is the fake face concealing the plunder. And Dagny has gone to the Wayne-Faulkland Hotel to confront Francisco  - details here - on why he invested $15,000,000 in the San Sabastian project in Mexico when he knew Mexico would seize it. He knew it was really just a real estate venture to siphon off money into certain pockets. Like Buffet's investing. People follow him with their money and government money and then it all implodes. Francisco is jubilant. Dagny is disgusted knowing he did it on purpose but cannot understand why. She is like most people today. She cannot invert and demonically bring it down, stop the world until the lights of New York City go out.

Dagny cannot go on STRIKE. Yet.

Who Is John Galt?

Paul Virilio Speed and Politics and other books from Semiotext(e)

Paul Virilio Speed and Politics from Semiotext(e)

Virilio was appalled to know his books were being studied in military colleges all over the world.

Virilio has said that the next and last world war will be SPEED. Sonmi-451 in Cloud Atlas defines time:
Time is the Speed at which the past decays.
 Sonmi-451 Cloud Atlas

Speed deprives us of memory and contemplation. Without both we cannot think. The past as well as the future will disappear. No one will remember anything.
Paraphrasing Walter Benjamin

Alzheimering all of us?You got it!

If Losers can xploit what their adversaries teach them,yes,losers can become winners in the long term. #Sonmi451 p.225 #CloudAtlas

an anonymous group writing the most cutting edge subversive resistance


And what is tiqqun's prescription? 
The same as Ayn Rand's

Do not lend your strength in any form to the enemy. I will never link to Amazon again for books..




The abyss cannot be crossed in two steps. Sonmi-451 p.327

To defy the system with a gift to which it cannot respond save by its own collapse and death. Nothing, not even the system, can avoid the symbolic obligation, and it is in this trap that the only chance of a catastrophe for capital remains. ...For it is summoned to answer, if it is not to lose face, to what can only be death. The system must itself commit suicide in response to the multiplied challenge of death and suicide. (Jean Baudrillard - Symbolic Exchange and Death 37)

And I keep wondering if 9/11 was THAT GIFT to which the system cannot return the COUNTER-GIFT.

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